My practice started as a mobile clinic literally from the back of my pickup truck. I was dead set on owning my own business but wanted to do it without debt.  So I started seeing patients in their homes several years ago.  My pickup was very handy hauling my mobile gymnasium all across North Indy.

Then when I had the capital to do so, I rented space in a friend's personal training studio. From there, our company has slowly grown organically with word of mouth being our best and largest referral source.

In 2015 I purchased the personal training studio business I was working out of and here we are today... one of the fastest growing clinics in Indianapolis.
Our focus is simple and clear... we help North Indy Hoosiers move pain-free so they can return to the things they love, all without pain pills, injections, or surgeries.

Our Core Values:
1. Create joy through experience
2. People first problem second
3. Embrace teamwork and collaboration
4. Promote a judgment free, encouraging environment
5. Drive innovation and change
6. Pursue greatness with boldness and passion
7. Be a life long learner
8. Do more with less
9. Empathize and listen first
10. Be humble and kind

Our mission is to help people make better decisions about their health so they can win at life. We are very different compared to the hospital and "big box" clinics.  We provide the whole spectrum of wellness care... Physical Therapy, Personal Training, and Massage Therapy.

Our goal is for you to continue your health journey with us for decades.  This long-term commitment allows us to build life long friendships with our clients, making our environment one of a kind.