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"The folks here provide a nice atmosphere for PT. They are knowledgeable and friendly. And if you suffer from vertigo, let Kurt Bonner help you!! It’s a fairly simple procedure with excellent results. It’s important to this group that you feel better!"
Nov 14, 2023
"I came to Amy because of neck pain. And she was amazing...she told me to sleep on my other side and gave me a series of exercises to do and with in a month my pain was none existent and did not return. She listened and was very friendly...what more could a person ask for? This is the 4th time I have gone to IROC for a specific problem and the 4th time they knew exactly how to handle the problem. If there is a 5th problem, I know exactly where I will go!"
May 05, 2023
"Great care and customer service"
May 12, 2022
"IROC is my “Go-To” for PT. Frank has helped me with post-surgery on my ankle including strength training, a shoulder injury and currently cervical spine issues. In all cases I have had successful results. Each time I am amazed at Frank’s knowledge and skill. I have had previous experiences w/ other PT companies and they were not able to help my issues, yet Frank knew immediately what skills needed to be used for the particular problem. I have confidence that his entire PT staff would provide the same results. Additionally, I love how the entire IROC staff work together. They all know each patient and say hello by name when someone arrives for their appointment. When I am there, I feel like I am part of a family. I truly believe IROC is the best available in the Indy area. I highly recommend them!"
Dec 20, 2021
  • It’s good for your body; it’s good for your mind. And when you leave there, both of those things feel good.…


  • I’ve enjoyed a number of benefits at IROC...when I have time scheduled at IROC I’m going to show up. I actually look forward to it. I enjoy the environment.…


  • Anytime you go into the building you are greeted by everyone. Everyone seems to know why you’re there… it’s the continuity of care that I like the very most.…


  • My ankle is much better and I have regained the strength in my calf. I am able to walk for 2 miles and can now balance on my foot and do calf raises without feeling weak. Thank you to everyone on the team for helping me jump start my rehabilitation.

    Chantal M.

  • It’s simply impossible for a person to be any more satisfied than I am with IROC.


  • I very much enjoyed my time at Iroc and the successful result. All of the staff are so kind and make it a fun experience. I have already recommended auric to friends who are appreciating going there.


  • So far my experience at IROC has been great. Everyone in the facility is super nice and very easy to work with. All the employees I have experienced seem to be very knowledgeable and care about the progress I am making. Looking forward to continuing my sessions and hopefully getting back on track.


  • The PTs that I've worked with are knowledgeable and dedicated to their profession. So far, it's been a very good experience.

    Bill T.

  • Frank is the best PT I have been to in Indy in recent years and believe me I have been to quite a few. I think I would always come back to IROC in the future if I ever had to rehab again. Frank is very knowledgeable and he really cares about your progress


  • I always feel welcome at IROC and know that all the therapists are qualified and competent. I plan to return for problems I have with arthritis in the future.


  • I love the professional business you have established that makes your patients and clients feel like family. Your therapists knew I would be gone for two or more weeks after just starting a physical therapy regime. I feel I was well prepared for the long interims.

    Emily H.

  • Ben and the entire IROC Team has helped me get so much stronger. Great experience!